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Private Training Session for Endorsed Rider

​​If you have taken the MSF course and now have your endorsement, or if you have gotten your motorcycle permit, but don't feel quite ready to hit the open road on your own, this training session was made just for you.


During this 2-hour private lesson, we will get you riding one on one with an experienced motorcycle coach, who rides to your home or a location close to your home of your choice, so can get familiar with riding your bike in your own familiar territory. Since you likely have zero to very little experience riding outside of a parking lot and riding above 2nd gear, at speeds higher than 25-30 mph, this private provides you with the exact coaching and support you need to help you build confidence riding on the road, getting comfortable riding at the posted speed limit, and building up your confidence navigating complex traffic situations while still operating your motorcycle at peak performance, teaching you to ride safe and defensively.

During this course, you will learn how to:


• Master the throttle and shifting under the pressures of navigating real road situations

• Learning what your bike is telling you by feeling it and hearing it

• Avoid target fixation

• Anticipate correct stopping distances

• Avoid aggressive braking

• Notice and avoid road hazards

• Anticipate other motorists moves

• Engage your Situational Awareness  - scan and plan

• Understand how other motorists see us, or don’t see us

And much, much more to help keep you safe, build confidence and most importantly, enjoy the ride!!


Cost for a 2-hour private new rider session - $185

What you will need for this training:

  • Helmet (Don’t have one? We do!)

  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket

  • Long pants

  • Shoes or boots that cover your ankle

  • Shatter proof glasses or face shield on your helmet.

  • Gloves (optional)

  • Willingness

  • Determination

  • An open mind

Lessons are held during the week and weekends. Click this link to see all the available dates and times. If you don't see a date and time that works for you, we will work to accommodate you with your preferred date and time to the best of our ability. Schedule a lesson today!!

Call us at 919-924-9703 with any questions you might have!



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