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Moto B.R.A.T.'s Mission

Thanks for visiting Moto B.R.A.T. Women's Riding Academy! I am glad you are here.


Moto B.R.A.T. is a women owned and operated motorcycle training and education center dedicated to promoting and supporting women in motorcycling by teaching basic to advanced skills in

motorcycling to help make women very proficient, capable, confident and safe riders. I work hard to keep my skills and riding knowledge up to date by engaging in advanced motorcycle training classes each year, and following various thought-leaders in the industry, to ensure I am staying educated and up on the latest and greatest in riding techniques to be confident that I am always bringing you the most up to date information so that you can become the best of the best! 

As a coach and instructor, it is so important to me that all the women I work with are successful and are made to feel comfortable and at ease during my training sessions, and so I instruct using a very kind, empathetic, patient, and understanding approach. My goal is to build up your knowledge, confidence and proficieny and empowering you to know that you are capable of achieving all you desire to be and do as a motorcyclist and a women. I understand that every student I work with has different needs, skills, abilities and I meet every women where she is at and I help her rise!


The mission is to help all women become true Moto B.R.A.T.S - BRAVE, RESILIENT, ADVENTUROUS, TENACIOUS!!

We offer the following types of training:

  • Private lessons for new or existing riders

  • Group slow maneuver training

  • Gaining road confidence 

  • Negotiating curves with confidence and ease

  • DMV Skills test practice

  • Virtual Training and coaching for those not able to meet me in person

  • Confidence and Breaking Through Barriers and Limiting Beliefs Coaching

  • And anything else you feel you might need help on in order to grow your skillset

Get in touch today and schedule a lesson or sign up for a class!!

Me and my 2002 Suzuki Volusia in 2019 Riding The Snake in Shady Valley, TN.

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